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We are true lovers of music. We are the real deal. There are no tricks. We prefer our music as organic, as pure, as possible. The instruments are played, by human beings. And the vocals are actual voices. LadyMoon was hatched to facilitate the growth of our artists, the ability to share music, both among ourselves and with the world. We also hope to promote our music and make it available both to the commercial industry and to the film and television industry. Our hope, when you find this site, is that you will spend some time here. Read, listen, reach out to us, both with your questions and concerns and with any constructive criticism you may have. Most especially we hope for grand offers of licensing, contracts, fame and glory.

We choose our symbol and our name LadyMoon very specifically. Just as the mystical LadyMoon is the crescent, a sickle of the moon, waxing, and waning, symbolizing fertility and related to life and death. We believe that music shares these same properties.  The commonality of our artists is that not only are they exceptionally talented musicians, composers, and lyricists, but they also eat sleep and breathe music.  We do not just represent one genre, we are open to all. We take our artists and their art very seriously. We want them to reach for the moon, the LadyMoon if you will.

We are a start-up. We are young and hungry and willing to put in the hard work. Music and art are created everywhere. We understand we are bucking the norm, by locating in Youngstown Ohio. We also believe we have some amazing music to share. We do so hope you agree.



Leanne Binder

Leanne attended Ohio State University majoring in Opera Performance. And then discovered that performing was her true love. After leaving University, there were day jobs in operational management and gigs at night. Discovering that her true love was writing & performing, Leanne cut her teeth and paid her dues in a variety of bands. Learning both, how to successfully be a career musician, and more importantly how not to, she started LadyMoon Music and embarked on doing music full time. She registered with BMI at age 18. Learning on the fly, Leanne booked two tours of Great Britain, released her first full length CD and secured radio airplay in twelve countries. Back in the United States, Leanne formed a new band, released her 2nd CD & hit the road. Others noticed her success and she was offered a job as the promotional director and booking agent for Jillians Inc. A third CD followed, commercial work, and more writing & recording including landing a song on the Indie Film, “Believe” the Barack Obama story. Next, Leanne expanded her business to vocal coaching business where she coached professional singers through their albums. A cocktail and a handshake later, Leanne and friend Lisa Lee Kohler opened SongMill Studio where she continues to teach industry professionals and young up and coming singer/songwriters. Today, LadyMoon Music includes not only, SongMill Studio but offers Publishing, Management & other Music Services.

Lisa Lee Kohler

After selling a successful business (yes, it’s possible to be successful in Youngstown OH), Lisa Lee signed on with LadyMoon Music. Also known as joining the circus, she is driven by a lifelong love affair with music and words. Bringing her own fresh viewpoint and an “I don’t know why we can’t,” attitude, Lisa Lee is running the day to day business operations. In addition, she is reaching out to music directors and music placement companies to promote Leanne and the other artists at LadyMoon Music. She is a published lyricist and an art photographer, as well. Her works are displayed in many galleries and museums.

“You see beauty in a flower and a gutter. You’re home.” – Paul Sanchez

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